What is Euro cup? Learn important information about the Euro cup

22/06/2024 Sports news

The nearly century-long history of European football has left an indelible mark in the hearts of global fans, with top matches, brilliant moments and eternal legends. Prominent in that brilliant picture is the image of the EURO Cup, symbolizing the pride and desire to conquer of every national team on this continent. Looking forward to the upcoming 2024 European football championship season, let’s explore with wintips what is Euro cup? What material is the EURO Cup made of? Who created this prestigious trophy? This will help you better understand this world’s leading football tournament.

What is Euro cup? Learn important information about the Euro cup
What is Euro cup? Learn important information about the Euro cup

Brief introduction about the European Football Championship

The European Football Championship, commonly known as the EURO Cup, is one of the most prestigious and anticipated sports tournaments worldwide. Organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), this tournament brings together Europe’s top national teams, creating an attractive playground where football talents can shine and contribute. giving top performances. With a cycle held every four years, the EURO always attracts the attention of millions of fans from all over the world.

The history of the EURO Cup dates back to 1960, when the tournament was first held in France. Since then, the tournament has seen constant growth and expansion, from the number of participating teams to the scale of organization. Through each EURO, the audience witnesses dramatic matches, technical plays and beautiful goals. Not only is the playground for current stars, the EURO Cup is also a place for young talents to assert themselves and enter the ranks of football legends.

A special element of the EURO is its high competitiveness and tactical diversity. Each national team brings to the tournament its own style of play, reflecting the culture and football style of its country. This creates diversity and appeal for the tournament, as each match is a competition between different football styles. The thrill and unpredictability of the matches make the EURO Cup an unmissable event for any football fan.

Looking to the future, the EURO continues to promise to bring great experiences to fans. The upcoming 2024 season is a testament to the continuous development of this tournament, with improvements in organization and changes aimed at improving the quality of matches. Let’s look forward to the top matches, historic moments and overwhelming emotions with the EURO 2024 Cup.

What is the Euro cup in soccer?

What is Euro cup? The EURO Championship Cup, also known as the “Henri Delaunay Trophy”, is the highest award for the winning national team at the European Football Championship. Named after Henri Delaunay, who came up with the idea of ​​​​founding this tournament and was the first Secretary General of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), this trophy has a historical significance and honors the His great contribution to European football.

Decoding what is the Euro cup in soccer?
Decoding what is the Euro cup in soccer?

The trophy first appeared at Euro 1960, five years after Henri Delaunay passed away. At that time, the tournament only included four participating teams: hosts France, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. After Henri Delaunay passed away, his son, Pierre Delaunay, took over as UEFA general secretary. Pierre Delaunay is the person responsible for designing the Euro Cup. With the assistance of silversmith Chobillion, the beautiful trophy was conceived with an ancient Greek design, cylindrical in shape, with two curved handles on either side symbolizing strength and durability. belgium.

On the front of the trophy is engraved the UEFA logo and the words “Coupe Henri Delaunay”. Besides, the names of historical Euro champions also appear on the trophy. An upgraded version of the trophy was released in June 2008, still with the same classic style as the previous version but with some differences. The names of the champions are now engraved on the back, instead of at the base, and the silver base is also made larger. The Euro is made of sterling silver, a silver alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The value of the trophy is about 15,000 euros (more than 16,000 USD).

The original Euro Cup is owned by UEFA and is used on many different important occasions such as finals or some special events. Meanwhile, the Euro champion will get to keep a replica of the same size. Although worth much less than the World Cup trophy, with an estimated value of up to 132,000 euros (about 143,000 USD), the Euro is still a prestigious symbol of European football.

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The meaning of the Euro cup for football

What is the Euro cup? The EURO Cup, also known officially as the Henri Delaunay Cup, carries many important meanings not only for European football but also for global sports. Here are three striking aspects of the meaning of the EURO Cup:

1. Symbol of the Spirit of Sports and European Solidarity

The EURO Cup is a symbol of noble sportsmanship and solidarity among European countries. This tournament creates a common playing field where national teams can compete in a fair competitive environment, honoring the diversity and uniqueness of different football cultures. This event not only unites players and teams but also connects millions of fans across the continent, cheering and supporting their national team in a vibrant and united atmosphere.

The meaning of the Euro cup for football
The meaning of the Euro cup for football

2. Stage for Football Talents

The EURO Cup is where Europe’s best players have the opportunity to show off their talent and skills to the whole world. From established stars to emerging young talents, this tournament is always a launching pad for players to make their mark and make a name for themselves. Excellent performances at EURO not only bring glory to the players but also pride to the country and its fans.

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3. Honoring the History and Heritage of European Football

The Henri Delaunay Cup, named after the tournament’s founder, is not just a prize but also a part of European football history. Through each EURO period, this cup has witnessed many historic moments, from dramatic matches to classic goals and emotional victories. Each team that wins this cup contributes to writing a new page in the rich history of European football, creating a legacy that future generations can be proud of and learn from.

Thus, the EURO Cup is not only a symbol of victory and glory, but also represents spiritual values, dedication and strong passion for football, connecting people and inspiring people. for future generations. To know who will win the EURO Cup, you need to know what time is the Euro cup final.

Prominent teams have won the Euro Cup

After decoding what is Euro cup? We already know that the EURO Cup is a prestigious symbol of European football, having witnessed many excellent teams from all over the continent lift this trophy. In the tournament’s history, a number of teams have made a special mark and left many memorable memories:

  • 1960: Soviet Union
  • 1964: Spain
  • 1968: Italy
  • 1972: Germany
  • 1976: Czechoslovakia
  • 1980: Germany
Prominent teams have won the Euro Cup
Prominent teams have won the Euro
  • 1984: France
  • 1988: Netherlands
  • 1992: Denmark
  • 1996: Germany
  • 2000: France
  • 2004: Greece
  • 2008: Spain
  • 2012: Spain
  • 2016: Portugal
  • 2021: Italy

The Henri Delaunay Trophy is not just a simple trophy, but also a symbol of the history, tradition and sportsmanship of the European football championship. This prestigious trophy will continue to be the dream and goal of every national team participating in the tournament in the coming years.


Above we have helped you decode what is Euro cup? The EURO Cup is not only a symbol of victory and glory in European football but also the embodiment of sportsmanship, solidarity and intense passion. From dramatic matches to unforgettable historical moments, the EURO Cup has been and will continue to be an endless source of inspiration for generations of players and fans. Having your name engraved on the Henri Delaunay Cup is a great honor, demonstrating extraordinary efforts and outstanding talent, affirming the position of national teams on the most prestigious playground on the continent. Let’s accompany each EURO season and enjoy the top matches!

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