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Wintips.Com is a website specializing in providing football reviews, the fastest and most accurate football match in Vietnam. Here, you can track all the information such as online scores, results, highlight videos, match schedules, football rankings… We understand the importance of securing information systems. With my understanding, I would like to affirm that all actions are beneficial to both parties.

The reader references the information from the website as a reference. We take the reader’s information to improve the quality of the article. undertakes not to share the information you read with any 3rd party.

Privacy policy at

1. About copyright issues

All articles are edited and presented by staff at the 100% have their own copyright imprint. The content of the article may change over time to suit the trend. Readers can refer to but are not allowed to use for plagiarism or stealing purposes. Please respect the copyright holder and the author.

2. About Cookies

Website uses the most modern security features available today. If you comment under the article, the system will store your cookies. This helps readers feel free to comment in the following articles. This information will disappear after 12 months or after the reader logs out of the account from the website.

When a reader logs in to the website, cookies will not back up your information immediately. It will wait and assess the compatibility level with your browser. This cookie does not contain data, you turn off the browser and it will disappear.

3. Image Gallery

All articles at come with sharp, clear images. The image library of the website is carefully invested and built. If you want to use images, be sure to write down the source – below each photo. Absolutely do not use images with EXIF GPS embedded data.

User security benefits

Personal information, comments of readers are stored in User Profile. You can view, edit, or delete at will.

The reader can request that the personal information stored be deleted.

Non-member comments will be detected and censored automatically.

The website does not provide, buy and sell customer information to any partners.

Summing up

These privacy policies are ultimately only to ensure the safety of the website and readers. Publishing 1 article full of necessary information is not easy. Hopefully, you are conscious to make our website grow more and more. We appreciate that, cordially!