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NBA (National Basketball Association) is an extremely famous American professional basketball league. This is also the gathering place of a series of famous sports stars of the world basketball village. It can be said that the NBA has elevated basketball to a different level. It is no stranger that online players love and want to bet on the NBA. At Wintips, we have a lot of articles about the sport. Today’s article is no exception. Have you ever heard and tried NBA Futures Bets? Let’s find out what it is and how to play, how to bet?

NBA Futures Betting – What You Didn't Know?
NBA Futures Betting – What You Didn’t Know?

What is NBA Futures Bets?

An NBA futures bet involves making a long-term prediction about the unfolding of the season, encompassing various possibilities. These bets can pertain to the NBA Championship, wherein one might foresee the Denver Nuggets securing another title, or contemplate the chances of the Boston Celtics or Phoenix Suns contending for the championship. Alternatively, you could delve into other future NBA wagers, focusing on a conference or division winner, or whether a team will clinch a playoff spot.

These types of bets center on evaluating a team’s or player’s performance over the duration of the season, distinct from being influenced by the result of a single game. Leading NBA betting platforms provide an array of NBA futures odds across diverse markets before the season commencement. Options abound: From predicting the championship victor to speculating on the outcome of a specific conference.

Furthermore, these platforms offer specialized team propositions, like setting an over/under benchmark for the number of regular season wins an NBA team will achieve, or contemplating a team’s playoff participation. Additionally, they furnish NBA futures odds related to player awards. These odds are subject to updates throughout the season, shortening when a team or player thrives, or lengthening in times of struggle. All in all, it offers an intriguing pathway to understanding the intricacies of sports betting.

Common Forms of NBA Futures Bets Available

1. NBA Finals Futures

As the sportsbooks ascertain the victors of each conference, they unveil NBA Finals futures. These predictions span the entirety of the comprehensive best-of-seven series, diverging from a single-game focus. For instance, you can place wagers on the NBA Finals MVP or the highest scorer.  Another sought-after NBA futures bet centers on predicting the series outcome, like envisioning the Nuggets prevailing over the Heat, 4 – 1.

2. NBA Playoff Futures

Amidst the season, opportunities arise to wager on a team’s playoff inclusion or exclusion. NBA playoff futures odds remain dynamic in accordance with each team’s performance. Once the playoffs commence, select sportsbooks extend NBA odds futures for individual series.

NBA is a globally famous basketball league
NBA is a globally famous basketball league

Prominent platforms such as DraftKings offer prime avenues for pursuing NBA futures best bets in this category.

3. NBA MVP Futures

Among the most favored future bets by NBA enthusiasts, NBA MVP futures debut at season onset. This avenue empowers you to forecast the individual destined for acclaim. Augmenting your insights, you can access NBA picks from experts to inform judicious NBA MVP futures betting choices. Naturally, the ongoing NBA futures odds for each player evolve in alignment with their on-court prowess.

4. NBA Rookie of the Year Futures

Another enduring player-focused domain for NBA futures best bets is the NBA Rookie of the Year category. The sportsbooks present odds for frontrunners pre-season, typically spotlighting the upper echelon of NBA Draft selections. These odds continuously fluctuate, presenting occasions to hedge your investments. Although certain sportsbooks might display fractional or decimal odds for future NBA bets, like Rookie of the Year futures, the prevalent American format predominates. 

5. NBA Defensive Player of the Year Futures

A straightforward NBA futures bet revolves around the projection of the recipient of the Defensive Player of the Year accolade. Recent honorees encompass Jaren Jackson Jr., Marcus Smart, Rudy Gobert, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

6. NBA Most Improved Player Futures

This distinction acknowledges the player displaying the most significant advancement throughout the regular season, relative to their prior performances. Recent laureates comprise Lauri Markkanen, Ja Morant, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, and Pascal Siakam.

There are many types of NBA futures bets
There are many types of NBA futures bets

Across leading sportsbooks – encompassing NBA Vegas futures, online sports betting platforms, and mobile apps – you can engage in optimal NBA futures bets for this honor.

7. NBA Sixth Man of the Year Futures

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year honor recognizes the player exerting the most substantial influence on their team’s accomplishments from a reserve role off the bench. Noteworthy awardees encompass Malcolm Brogdon, Tyler Herro, Jordan Clarkson, Montrezl Harrell, and Lou Williams in recent years. For basketball enthusiasts seeking top-notch NBA future bets, this remains an attractive avenue.

8. NBA Team Win Total Futures

Premier sportsbooks extend the opportunity to place over/under wagers on the win tally each NBA team will amass in the regular season. For instance, NBA betting platforms might establish a win total line of 52.5 games for the Golden State Warriors, 42.5 games for the Chicago Bulls, and 23.5 games for the Indiana Pacers.

Conforming to the norm, comparable odds (typically -110) are available for both the “over” and “under” options in NBA futures win totals. To exemplify, if you anticipate the Bulls to clinch at least 43 victories, you can wager on over 42.5 at -110. Conversely, if you project 42 or fewer triumphs, you can opt for under 42.5 at -110.

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What affects NBA Futures odds?

The Impact of Team Streaks and Injuries

NBA futures odds exhibit a perpetual state of flux driven by a multitude of factors. The art of knowing the optimal moment to place a bet can yield significant differences, ranging from modest wins to substantial victories, or even complete losses.

NBA futures odds are also varied
NBA futures odds are also varied

Central to the oscillation of NBA futures odds is the performance of teams. If, for instance, the Boston Celtics achieve a five-game winning streak, their odds of securing victory in the NBA Finals are apt to condense. Conversely, should the Golden State Warriors endure a stretch of six consecutive losses, their NBA future odds will witness an ascent.

Significance of the NBA Trade Deadline

The transformation of NBA futures odds extends beyond the performance of individual teams and the well-being of their key players. The conduct of other teams also wields influence, thereby impacting the odds. Moreover, the NBA trade deadline emerges as a pivotal juncture characterized by a flurry of transactions. This period, known for its bustling activity and substantial implications, can profoundly reshape the championship prospects of teams, even those abstaining from making any roster adjustments.

Stay Alert During NBA Free Agency

Should you possess a notion that Kyrie Irving is on the verge of uniting with the Los Angeles Lakers or that not only will Kawhi Leonard opt for the Los Angeles Clippers, but also successfully persuade Paul George to follow suit, an opportunity arises to seize the odds ahead of sportsbooks and the broader betting community. The odds for the Los Angeles Clippers surged upon the addition of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to their roster, elevating them to favored status among bettors over LeBron James and the Lakers.

NBA Futures Betting Strategies

Expand Your NBA Sportsbook Horizon

Exploring a range of NBA sportsbooks for game odds can offer benefits, particularly with futures bets. Significant disparities can emerge among sites concerning NBA Finals and other NBA futures. The more online sports betting platforms you survey, the greater the likelihood of stumbling upon an attractive betting opportunity. Moreover, registering at multiple NBA sportsbooks can lead to acquiring multiple welcome bonuses.

Embrace Hedging in NBA Futures Bets

When your significant underdog maintains a presence in the playoffs, contemplating a hedge in your NBA futures bet is prudent. This entails placing a wager on an alternative NBA team, enhancing your chances of securing a payout.

Refer to betting experience from leading experts
Refer to betting experience from leading experts

For instance, if you initially wagered on the Cleveland Cavaliers as a long shot to clinch the Eastern Conference title and they confront underdog odds against the Indiana Pacers, consider placing a modest bet on the Pacers to win that series. This approach diminishes potential returns but simultaneously curbs potential losses. Conversely, the reverse strategy applies as well. If you hold an NBA futures bet favoring the Memphis Grizzlies to triumph in the NBA title and they encounter the Pacers, a marginal bet on the underdog guarantees a payout.

Favored Teams Prevail in the NBA

A noteworthy trend to factor into NBA futures odds and NBA Finals considerations is that unlikely champions are infrequent. More often than not, NBA oddsmakers closely approximate their preseason projections. Over the past 35 years, the NBA champion was priced at +700 or higher in the preseason merely nine times. The oddsmakers generally rally behind star-studded teams, and in the NBA, these teams often emerge victorious in best-of-seven playoff series.

Q&A so NBA Futures Bets

What is Navigating NBA Futures Bets?

The outcome of NBA futures bets determines your fate. Success leads to a profit, while an incorrect prediction results in the forfeiture of your wagered amount. This principle extends to both Vegas NBA futures and online sportsbook-based 2024 NBA futures bets.

Can NBA Futures Be Parlayed?

Many top-tier online sportsbooks provide the option to parlay your optimal NBA future bets. For instance, you could assemble a parlay involving the Los Angeles Lakers clinching the Western Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks securing the Eastern Conference, and Nikola Jokic being named NBA MVP.

Where to Place NBA Futures Bets?

Engaging in NBA futures betting entails enlisting with a reputable bookmaker sportsbook, such as BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, FanDuel, or DraftKings. These platforms offer a diverse array of opportunities, spanning NBA Championship odds, NBA Finals odds, extensive team and player markets, and more. While Vegas NBA futures still remain accessible, the advent of online sports betting in over 20 states has rendered the process of betting on NBA futures far more efficient and convenient than relying solely on retail sportsbooks in Las Vegas prior to 2018.


Since its inception, over 70 years of strong development. The NBA has become the most attractive basketball league in the world. The tournament always attracts the attention and follow-up of a large number of basketball fans. In particular, the NBA basketball league has always occupied television airwaves in North America and other basketball fan countries around the world. You can choose 1 of the bookmakers recommended by Wintips to bet on NBA futures today. Good luck.

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