Summary of 5 betting sites in Zambia that you should join today

14/06/2024 Betting News

Sports betting has become an integral part of the lives of many Zambians, where passion for sports combines with the excitement of betting. With more and more betting sites appearing, finding reputable and trustworthy sites has become more important than ever. In this article, win tips will introduce to you the 5 most reputable betting sites in Zambia, where you can enjoy a safe, diverse and exciting betting experience. These sites not only offer attractive odds but also come with many incentives and professional customer support services, helping you have the best betting experience!

Summary of 5 betting sites in Zambia that you should join today
Summary of 5 betting sites in Zambia that you should join today

Zambia Online Betting: Legal Framework

Zambia is one of the few African countries that places particular emphasis on regulating gambling, ensuring everything takes place within a clear and transparent legal framework. The three main pieces of legislation currently in place include the State Lottery Act, the Casinos Act and the Betting Control Act, which together create a strong legal foundation for gambling in Zambia. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for overseeing all activities through the Betting Control and Licensing Board.

The Betting Control and Licensing Board not only supervises but also issues and renews licenses to operators. The cost to obtain a new license is ZMW 18,000, valid for one year. License renewal costs ZMW 9,000 and adds a 10% annual fee on the operator’s Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). Despite the strict licensing process, only a few online betting companies such as Castlebet and Premier Bet are licensed to operate in Zambia.

Besides online bookmakers, Zambians can also find many traditional betting shops, mainly operating under the name Sports4Africa. What’s interesting is that bettors have the freedom to choose any other online bookmaker they desire, as there are no laws to stop them. This means that there is no strict supervision or specific restrictions in place. In other words, when it comes to sports betting in Zambia, the player’s freedom of choice is huge.

However, punters in Zambia should note that there is tax imposed on winnings from land-based licensed bookmakers. This tax is 20% for residents and 10% for non-residents. Therefore, even if you are only temporarily in Zambia and use the services of a licensed bookmaker, you will still be subject to tax. The good news is that since there is no clear legal framework for online betting, online winnings are not taxed. There is no supervision for online payments, allowing players to freely place bets and deposits as they wish.

Top 5 Safest Betting Sites Zambia

1. W88 – Betting sites in Zambia are the most reputable

W88 is operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD, headquartered in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. This reputable bookmaker is legally recognized and regulated by the World Casino Management Organization First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA) – the most reputable gambling service management organization in the world.

W88 - Betting sites in Zambia are the most reputable
W88 – Betting sites in Zambia are the most reputable

Betting sites in Zambia W88 provides betting enthusiasts with a high-quality online betting service featuring a variety of the hottest betting games on the market, including sports betting, football betting, live casino, slots, lottery, and more. With fair odds and high payout rates, W88 attracts a large number of gamers.

The W88 brand aims to provide a fantastic, transparent, and fair gaming experience for bettors. This is also the factor that builds trust and attracts bettors not only in Vietnam but also across Asia.

2. 1Xbet – Betting Sites Zambia is safe

This is a good betting site originating from Russia and was established in 2011. It holds a Curacao license and is considered one of the best sports betting websites for Zambia. It has around a thousand agents both in its home country and in other countries around the world. Although it does not have specific licenses for certain countries, it is still permitted to provide its services in those countries.

1Xbet - Betting Sites Zambia is safe
1Xbet – Betting Sites Zambia is safe

1xbet, specializing in online betting, offers customers attractive deals to build a large reputation and retain bettors. It’s important to know the different possibilities before you start using it. And there are many types of them. 1Xbet is truly a comprehensive website as it offers all kinds of games in many categories.

Sports betting categories include football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, Formula 1, table tennis, baseball, and many more games. There is also a category of TV games where you can find Super Lotto, Ezugi, and a variety of bet football tips for customers.

3. 22BET – Zambia betting sites are highly rated

Today, 22bet stands as one of the premier sports betting providers. A recent addition to the list of online betting sites in Zambia, it has attracted thousands of users from Zambia through various betting options and promotions.

22BET - Zambia betting sites are highly rated
22BET – Zambia betting sites are highly rated

With a Curacao license making it a reliable expert, 22bet leads ahead of some competitive rivals in the betting market in terms of odds, customer service professionalism, and many other aspects worth exploring. An important note about 22bet is that it is restricted by certain limitations imposed by the gambling licensing authority. Its offerings are thus limited to certain specific countries.

4. Pinnacle – Best betting sites in Zambia

Pinnacle is one of the leading companies in the world of betting. It is part of the list of sports betting websites in Zambia. Established in 1998, it is considered a betting company serving both Asia and the Americas. Originally called Pinnacle Sports, it later changed its name to Pinnacle. Popular worldwide, it offers many betting options with favorable conditions.

Pinnacle - Best betting sites in Zambia
Pinnacle – Best betting sites in Zambia

The operators of this online betting service distinguish themselves with several unique advantages. Players can bet on events such as American football, basketball, tennis, and many others. Major tournaments of the NBA, NCAA, and NHL are also included in the lineup. It is known for providing the best odds with relatively low profit margins. Therefore, the payouts for players are much higher. It has a very high win rate on its platform.

5. MrXbet – Zambia betting sites number one

This is a betting site established in 2017. Today, it is one of the most notable betting sites primarily because of its numerous offers and secondly because of its competitive odds, become the best betting sites in Zambia. Although it shares many similarities with one of its competitive rivals, it still stands out. Firstly, MrXbet is owned by Grand Web Master Ltd and licensed by Kahnawake, the gaming commission of Canada.

MrXbet - Zambia betting sites number one
MrXbet – Zambia betting sites number one

Therefore, we have the presence of a reliable betting site as the company behind it has been rigorously registered with this commission and provides assurance regarding payment capabilities. Evaluating MrXbet Zambia is also carried out regularly. This is to ensure that the site is transparently paying out players’ winning amounts and tightly controls its account balances.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to bet online in Zambia?

Betting online in Zambia can be very safe if you choose reputable international bookmakers. Leading bookmakers like 888sport have built a solid global reputation thanks to their transparency, fairness and security. When you bet with these bookmakers, you can rest assured that your personal and financial information will be closely protected. Stick to big and well-established names in the market, like 888sport, to ensure a safe and enjoyable betting experience. These bookmakers not only offer a variety of betting events but also ensure that financial transactions are carried out quickly and safely.

Does W88 accept bettors from Zambia?

Yes, W88 Zambia is one of the international bookmakers that welcomes local bettors. It is worth noting that it offers the option of using local currency (ZMW), bringing convenience and ease to players. Be sure to check out their daily offers and promotions to get the most out of your betting experience. W88 is famous for providing a variety of betting events and attractive promotions, helping players always have many options and opportunities to win big.

Is online betting legal in Zambia?

Currently, there is no specific regulatory framework covering online betting in Zambia. However, since all forms of gambling are legal and licensed here, online betting is also considered legal. In fact, you can bet with any bookmaker of your choice, including famous international bookmakers. This gives bettors the freedom and flexibility to choose and participate in online betting safely and legally.

Which is the best betting site in Zambia?

With plenty of options for local players, W88 stands out as a leading betting site. This bookmaker offers over 50 sports to bet on, with 60,000 pre-match events every month and guarantees over 98% payouts on major football tournaments. This makes W88  the ideal choice for betting enthusiasts in Zambia, offering a diverse and engaging betting experience.

Are my sports betting winnings taxed?

Yes, winnings from land-based sports betting in Zambia are taxed. Non-residents are subject to a 10% tax on winnings, while residents are subject to a 20% tax when betting with licensed bookmakers. However, when betting online, there is no tax imposed on winnings, allowing you to keep all of your winnings.


Currently, Zambia provides a favorable environment for betting enthusiasts with diverse choices from domestic and foreign bookmakers. Whether you are interested in top football matches or other sporting events, the top 5 betting sites in Zambia above always offer many interesting opportunities and attractive odds. With compliance with clear legal regulations and tax policies, players in Zambia can enjoy a safe and transparent betting experience with confidence. Explore offers and promotions from reputable bookmakers to enhance your betting experience. Good luck to everyone who participates!

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