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Betting bonus at – A site specializing in compiling the hottest promotions today with many attractive promotions. Stay constantly updated with the highest and latest promotions from reputable bookmakers, sports bookmakers and redemption games. Bonus promotions are offered by bookmakers to attract new members, while retaining old members who are using the services that the bookmaker provides. At, we will not only provide you with the latest and most attractive promotion information, but also the promotions that are considered the most valuable for players.



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up to $130 in Casino lobby bookmaker promotion page will send you the latest promotion information from top bookmakers. Besides, in this bookmaker promotion section, we will help readers learn through the most attractive promotions of the leading online casino sites in the market today. In addition, also send you useful information about Bookmaker promotions such as current promotions, top bookmakers with the best promotions, how to calculate simple promotion rounds, some notes when receiving bookmaker promotions,..... With the information that send to you, we believe that it will help you get useful knowledge as well as the most suitable choice when using promotions.

Summary of the types of boomaker promotions players should find out

Currently, the form of promotion at bookmakers is very diverse to attract more players. Below, will summarize the promotions that bookmakers use the most. Help you easily refer to, understand more about these types of promotions and choose the right programs to participate in.

1. Free money promotion

This type of promotion is used by bookmakers to increase brand recognition from customers. These promotions are applied a lot by new bookmakers and they use channels such as facebook ads, google ads. In this way, bookmakers can promote their brand to attract a large number of visitors to their website as well as convert into new players.

2. Free betting promotions

This type of promotion is similar to the money giveaway promotion, it is applied in some games such as casino betting, online lots, Slot games. This is a very popular type of promotion, bookmakers will allow players to participate in completely free bets even if their account has no money. This is a free betting promotion, so normally you will not be able to withdraw money when you win.

3. Deposit bonus promotion

This type of promotion is applied when players make their first deposit to the account, they will receive a deposit bonus. Usually bookmakers will apply deposit promotions of 50%, 100%, 110%, 125%... or even up to 200% deposit. These promotions are often used to register for games such as casino, slot games, sports betting,... A big note for players is that this type of promotion will usually be applied with a very large bet round of 15-30 rounds.

4. Recharge bonus promotion

This is a form of promotion created for former members of the bookmaker. For old players, the promotions that the Bookmaker applies will usually be very low. For this type of promotion, the bookmaker will offer incentives from 5% – 50%, deposits from 1 million VND to 5 million VND. This money will usually be used to participate in games such as casino, slot games, sports,... The average number of betting rounds applied at this promotion is from 10 – 20 rounds.

5. Refund Promotion

A return promotion is when the dealer offers a promotion to former players. This type of promotion is applied when players fund their accounts and participate in betting with a larger amount, the higher the refund promotions will be. Usually the cashback promo rate is 0.8%, 1%, 1.2% or up to 1.5% and is used to play games such as sports betting, casino betting, slotgame, lot, lot, football,... In this promotion, the bookmaker will apply a very low bet round or may not apply the betting round.

6. Event Promotion

In this type of promotion, the bookmaker will organize events and punters will participate in those events. Usually events only take about 1-2 days. Some outstanding events are often applied by bookmakers such as football tournaments of the year, football events of the week, programs, casino tournaments,... The bonus from this event promotion is very high from 10 million to 100 million depending on the rules of the program that the bookmaker sets.

7. In-kind giveaway promotion

As the name of this promotion suggests, when you participate, you will have the opportunity to win prizes such as souvenirs, shirts, phones, motorcycles,....This type of promotion is organized by bookmakers to thank customers at the end of the year.

8. Promotions for Agents

This type of promotion is used to stimulate agents to promote the development of the bookmaker. Each bookmaker will have completely different rules and promotions, and will also stipulate whether to apply the bet round or not. Usually this promotion is applied as follows: guest deposit bonus from 0.5 to 1%, usually fixed from 1 million to 20%.

9. Promotion to introduce new members

This is a very attractive promotion that through this promotion, the bookmaker often attracts a lot of new players. This type of promotion will be awarded to players who refer members who successfully register at the bookmaker. The bonus level in this promotion is usually from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND for referring players when the referred person successfully registers an account.

10. Birthday Bet Promotion

This form of promotion is enjoyed by many players. Because when it comes to the player's birthday, they will receive very interesting incentives from the bookmaker. However, this type of promotion is usually only applied to players who are Vip members at the bookmaker.

Summary of 5 bookmakers with the best promotions

To help you get the best options for yourself, have compared and synthesized to send you the Top 5 bookmakers with the best promotions today (2023).

1. W88 Bookmaker Promotion

W88 bookmakers achieved a very high rating of 9.5/10. W88 has a wide variety of games such as sports betting, online casino,.... Games here are all supported in Vietnamese language, so it is easy to play. At W88 you can easily find yourself promo codes for both new and old members. Promo discount codes here are many and diverse so you can easily find yourself a satisfactory promotion. The promotions for new players at W88 are very attractive, especially the 100% discount package – up to 1 million.

2. Bookmaker Promotion

The most interesting thing of players when first joining the BK8 bookmaker is the promotion policy. These are great programs that give you more power when betting online. Promotion is a policy that attracts a large number of members for a bookmaker. This is also the technique that holds the trust, stimulates players to be more enthusiastic of online game publishers.

Understanding that problem, BK8 has also spent a lot of capital to organize preferential events with high frequency. It must be recognized that the quality of each event is good, the prize scale is high, so players are almost 100% satisfied. For members on the VIP list, BK8 bookmakers always have more special priorities. These VIP members have not only contributed to BK8's excitement and excitement but also are factors to boost sales for the bookmaker.

3. Bookmaker Promotion

Currently, bookmakers are increasingly fierce. They involve launching very attractive promotions to attract players. Of course, Fb88 is no exception, for new subscribers or depositors, Fb88 always has very attractive offers for players. It can be mentioned as: The first time you register, you will receive a 100% welcome bonus of up to 2 million VND, receive 38% for the first transfer.

In addition to attractive offers for new or long-term players. This bookmaker also has a lot of attractive promotional events on holidays or customers' birthdays. So you should regularly update the latest promotions from this bookmaker. Do not miss any opportunity to receive attractive promotions from your

4. M88 Bookmaker Promotion

M88 is a bookmaker that is very pleased with players when constantly offering many promotions and preferential policies for users. At the M88 bookmaker you will receive very attractive rewards whether you are new or old. The opportunity to win the Iphone12 Pro is probably the biggest promotion of the year for the M88. You will have the opportunity to immediately receive Iphone 12 Pro when participating in Slot Game. To participate in this promotion, members who need 13,625 bets will receive 1 lucky draw ticket.

The promotions of the M88 bookmaker will take place continuously, especially at the time of the holiday. The more you play, the greater your chances of becoming a VIP member. And when you are a VIP member of M88, you will definitely receive many attractive offers from this bookmaker. So be a wise player who updates regularly. Do not miss any opportunity to redeem yourself.

5. FUN88 Bookmaker Promotion

Fun88 is the most prestigious and famous bookmaker in Asia. The highlight at this bookmaker is the promotions that are implemented regularly and continuously every week with great value. Referring to the most outstanding and attractive Fun88 promotions today, it is certainly impossible to ignore the exciting summer 2021 program with Euro.

This is the extreme offer that will be applied during Euro 2021 for sports games at Fun88. You only need to bet 5 million to be rewarded with an accurate 100K betting insurance. If you bet 10 million, you will get a 100k free bet.

How to calculate the promotion round at the bookmaker?

In the types of promotions you will see a lot of mention of the betting round. So how to calculate the promotion round? will help you answer and guide you on how to calculate promotion round:

For example: The Bookmaker has a 100% deposit bonus up to 3 million with only 20 rounds of betting. You deposited 2 million to your account then the account was added another 2 million, a total of 4 million accounts.

So the amount you need to bet = Total money received x 20 = 4 million x 20 rounds = 80 million

So from this formula it can be understood that if you want to withdraw the bonus and principal to your account, you have to bet 80 million. One note is that the larger the number of rounds offered by the bookmaker, the more difficult it is to receive the bonus.

Some notes when receiving Bookmaker promotions

When you have chosen a reputable bookmaker to participate in betting and you want to apply promotions at that bookmaker, it is necessary to note some contents as follows:

You need to know who that betting promotion is for. Such offers and promotions are applicable to any game: Poker, Slot Game, Casino, Sports Betting. This step helps you avoid participating in the wrong programs that you use, games that you do not play.

When you choose a deal at the bookmaker, you need to make sure, verify exactly how it is right for you. You should then take the required steps to claim the reward from that promotion.

It is necessary to understand the different types of promotions at the bookmaker. Because these promotions not only differ in the audience of the program but also differ in the detailed content inside the program such as: what is the bonus amount, the conditions participants need to achieve to receive the promotion, the type of in-kind reward or money, how much is the bonus amount,...

Frequently asked questions

Should I participate in receiving bookmaker deals?

Whether to participate in promotions will depend on the financial capabilities of the player. Because bookmakers now all stipulate a fairly high number of rounds. Therefore, if your financial ability is limited, you should not participate in the bookmaker deals.

On the contrary, for players with affordable finances, these promotions will be very beneficial to them. In addition, the bookmakers will reward you with extra money or may refund you if you complete the rules set by the promotion.

Why didn't I receive the bonus even though I did it right?

In this case, there will be many reasons, maybe during the implementation you missed or did a certain step wrong, the system failed during the processing or the bookmaker has a regulation on the time of payment that you have not seen. The best way is to contact the bookmaker's customer service directly for an explanation of your case. Sometimes the bookmaker has regulations on the time to pay preferential bonuses.

What is a refund promotion?

Many first-time players participating in the bookmaker's promotion will be very confused with this type of promotion. The cashback promotion means that when you participate in betting at the sportbook with a certain amount, the sportbook will return to the player a part of the money, which is calculated based on the total amount that you bet at the bookmaker and regardless of whether you win or lose.

How to become a VIP player of the bookmaker to receive incentives for VIP members?

Each bookmaker has its own rules so you can promote from regular member to VIP member. However, the more you play, the greater the chances of VIP membership.

Besides, you need to meet the bet that the bookmaker offers. When you become a VIP member, you will definitely receive a lot of preferential policies from the bookmaker. At the same time, there will be a dedicated customer care team to support VIP members 24/24 to help VIP members transact and solve problems faster.

Why is it necessary to monitor and update promotion information constantly?

Currently, any type of betting game will be built by bookmakers with very attractive accompanying promotions. It has become an indispensable precedent to be able to attract participants to these new games.

The fact that players find out information and constantly update information about the bookmaker's promotions will allow players to access new promotions as quickly and attractively as possible. Avoid losing benefits when bookmakers offer new promotions.

How to receive promotions without fear of duplicate IPs?

Step 1: You need to access the link to receive the promotion and turn off the wifi network you are connecting to.

Step 2: Choose the types of mobile data networks after 3G, 4G, 5G of the network you are using.

Step 3: Review and choose the promo code that you like the most.

Step 4: The registration is completed and you will receive the promotion as you have chosen.


With all the Bookmaker promotion information that we send to you. It will depend on the development strategy, product strengths,... Each bookmaker will have different promotions to attract and direct customers to bet on the games they want to promote. However, in general, all bookmakers require the number of rounds and the minimum deposit, you need to understand this information to avoid disputes arising later. Hopefully, through this article, you will gain basic and general knowledge about the forms of promotions at bookmakers today. From there, you can choose for yourself a reputable bookmaker with suitable promotions to participate in online betting!

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