How to win when basketball point spread betting?

Basketball betting is one of the forms of online sports betting with a variety of betting options. The odds and betting ratios are determined by the bookmakers based on the statistics of basketball matches. The task of the bettor is to predict the likelihood of winning a bet and place a wager on the available odds. For basketball, bettors can choose to bet on individual quarters or the entire match, which is quite different from football (soccer) betting. In this article, let’s join Wintips admin to explore the best basketball point spread betting strategies in 2024. Surely, you will gain valuable and interesting insights into betting.

All about basketball point spread betting
All about basketball point spread betting

What is basketball point spread betting?

Point spread betting in the NBA offers an electrifying way to wager on teams. You can predict a favorite’s winning margin or an underdog’s ability to cover a large spread. NBA contests are full of ups and downs, providing an exhilarating experience.

Each NBA game designates a favorite (predicted winner) and an underdog (weaker team). Betting on the favorite means anticipating their victory by a certain margin. Conversely, betting on the underdog implies expecting the weaker team to lose by fewer points than predicted, and an outright underdog win results in a winning wager.

Ex: The Celtics are +3 underdogs against the Los Angeles Lakers, who are favored at -3.

Basketball point spread betting
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For instance, betting on the Lakers to win on the spread requires a 4-point victory, while betting on the Celtics necessitates their loss by no more than 1 or 2 points, or an outright win. A 3-point margin for the Lakers or Celtics leads to a push, resulting in refunded bets.

How basketball score differentials work?

The point spread stands as the favored method for basketball betting odds. Essentially, it evens out matchups regardless of any imbalances. When determining the point spread, bookmakers assess teams, accounting for recent performance, location, and significant injuries.

How to read basketball score difference?

The minus sign (-) signifies the point spread favorite, requiring that team to secure a victory by a margin exceeding that value for bettors to win. For instance, the New York Knicks are the -2.5 favorite against the spread (ATS), necessitating a minimum three-point win to cover the spread.

Basketball point spread betting
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The underdog is denoted by a positive value (+) preceding its point spread, allowing that team to either secure a direct victory or lose by a margin smaller than the spread to triumph in the bet. For instance, the Boston Celtics stand as the +2.5 point spread underdog, implying they can achieve victory or sustain a loss by two points or fewer to win the wager.

The simplest basketball point spread betting guide

Placing an NBA point spread bet is straightforward and convenient. As the most popular bet type in NBA wagering, you can easily locate the point spread bet on any NBA contest’s homepage. Just click on the spread number to highlight the bet. For example, if the Lakers are favored by 3 points, you’ll see “Lakers -3” along with the odds displayed below the spread. After that, simply input your desired wager amount, and your bet is ready to be placed.

To aid with calculations, using a betting calculator is a helpful tool. Whether for straight bets or parlays, users can enter odds and their desired wager amount to calculate potential profit. Our Odds Calculator determines potential winnings based on your bet amount.

Basketball Point Spread Betting Strategy Is Sure to Win

Outsmart the Final Line

NBA odds typically emerge about 24 hours prior to tipoff, though they might appear as late as the game’s morning. As the saying goes, seizing the early opportunity reaps rewards. The NBA point spread lines experience their most shifts soon after sportsbooks release them.

Basketball increasingly dominates the sports world
Basketball increasingly dominates the sports world


While NBA oddsmakers are adept at factoring in injuries and current team form, exploiting market discrepancies is best done by placing early bets before the numbers stabilize. However, ensure you explore different options and locate the optimal number. Not all bookmakers offer identical odds. Our odds comparison tool assists in finding the most favorable price for your wager.

Rely on Present Court Performance

In basketball, momentum shifts are frequent. Swings of 20 points within a single game are typical, leading to streaks of strong and weak performance. Before selecting a spread bet, assess a team’s shooting performance over the past week. Are they consistently scoring or struggling? Occasionally, you can identify point spread opportunities with a struggling team on a scoring spree, or the reverse scenario. Utilize our NBA teams page to investigate recent team performance.

Understand Your NBA Contests

Similar to other sports, basketball teams possess distinct advantages and vulnerabilities. To identify optimal NBA point spread bets, closely analyze how teams fare against their current opponents using our scores and matchups page. Consider how a team’s weakness in perimeter defense could influence the outcome when confronting a skilled 3-point shooting team. Adjust your wager based on how this matchup dynamic could shift the game’s narrative.

Monitor Injuries and Player Rest

Enduring an 82-game NBA season can be taxing. As with any major sport, injuries significantly impact a team’s ability to cover a point spread. The influence of NBA superstars on basketball odds is substantial whether they’re on the court or not. Yet, it’s often just one or two players (and at times, none) who can shift a line based on their availability.

Spread betting is an indispensable form
Spread betting is an indispensable form

“Load management” is the NBA’s current buzzword, aimed at assisting these superstars in managing the grueling schedule. Experiencing a jam-packed week? A rest day is in order. Some players, especially those returning from an injury, may skip back-to-back games. Regularly monitor our injury page to stay informed about player availability.

FAQ About Basketball Point Spread Betting

1. What does a +7 spread indicate?

Betting on NBA spreads can be a thrilling journey. A +7 point spread designates a 7-point underdog in the match, with another team favored to win by seven as per the sportsbook. Placing a +7 point spread bet requires the underdog to lose by six points or less for a winning outcome.

2. What defines a 2.5 point spread?

Not all point spreads are whole numbers. Opting for the favorite means they need to secure a 3-point victory, while selecting the underdog necessitates a loss by 2 points or fewer for a successful wager.

3. Why wager on negative odds?

Negative odds indicate higher probability for winning compared to positive odds. Greater probability aligns with negative odds. When confident in our research-backed bet’s success, the sportsbook likely agrees.

4. What entails spread betting?

Spread betting involves selecting a team to win by a specific margin or lose by less. Unlike the moneyline, where outright victory suffices, spread betting mandates the favorite to exceed the sportsbook’s set margin.

5. How accurate are point spreads?

Generally, point spreads are highly accurate. They’re determined through various methods like computer algorithms, advanced mathematics, power rankings, and player availability assessment, among other factors.


In this article, we have endeavored to provide you with fundamental information about basketball point spread betting. Your goal is to become a successful basketball bettor and earn substantial profits. We should always strive to broaden our horizons. Now that we have furnished you with comprehensive foundational knowledge, your task is simply to continue enhancing your understanding and mindset. Give point spread betting a try – you’ll find it truly intriguing. Thank you.

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